Red or Blue? . . .

Red or Blue? . . . #bacheloretteau  #BacheloretteAU  #thebachelorette  #bachelor  #love  #networkten  #ten  #instadaily  #TV  #magic  #magician  #instagood  #instalike  #music  #photography  #extra  #mintyfresh 


9 days ago anettroosa

@kathrynspeirs  hhahahah fuck😍

9 days ago stephanie.ald

I’ve watched this like 1000 times trying to figure out how u did this

8 days ago tanika_lara

Omg marry me 😂😍

8 days ago haylz37

How lol @irishcaskettfan_  😂😂

8 days ago smcnaughton_

Omf @_sarahchapmann  can't deal

8 days ago _sarahchapmann

@smcnaughton_  no wayyyyy

8 days ago missmandycee

You are too much!! 😵 @apollojacksonofficial 

8 days ago norey_cancarrow


8 days ago danaolsenmckay


8 days ago nessie__3

@apollojacksonofficial  I think I figured it out !

8 days ago habear_x

@jamievuj  no way

8 days ago fondeeezy

@jamiemartinovich  okay, but how?

8 days ago potatowithmakeup


8 days ago nataliegraoroski

@nicolettegregory  magic mike

7 days ago bgrozzle

@tianalee28  how he do dat

7 days ago kristenstagram

Oh just stop it. Go and get cloned so there’s enough of you to go around for everyone.

7 days ago alexzacowley

THE ACTUAL FUCK @emmamorriss__ 

7 days ago denelle_sheridan

Show me the magic

7 days ago tianalee28

@bgrozzle  I am spooped

7 days ago kaylallucy


7 days ago missmandycee

“yeah boi”....cute 😋

6 days ago katiea_02

😍🎯 @katiemissile 

5 days ago misstingalim

@missracheltan  free promo

5 days ago sarahdonaghey

@connor_mac_reilly  she should’ve chose him

5 days ago connor_mac_reilly

@sarahdonaghey  he’s too good for her

4 days ago lifeofkyla1

WHAT?!? So good! @apollojacksonofficial  when's are you doing a show!?

3 days ago claire.leatherbarrow

@marcus.futcher  how??? 😱😱😱

3 days ago issymcanally

OMG WOT @_letitiamay 

3 days ago mshellorton

@tom_douglas12  ya boy

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