Who's looking forward to the new Lord of the Rings TV Series? @samrogerss

Who's looking forward to the new Lord of the Rings TV Series? @samrogerss

Who's looking forward to the new Lord of the Rings TV Series? @samrogerss 


5 days ago micha_m83


5 days ago northcaliving


5 days ago givemewingsnow

@arynalyce  🧝🏼‍♀️

5 days ago jkbraeckel

@robkiwi  !

5 days ago anleehiz

@erinvdv01  🤗

5 days ago samrogerss

Thanks for the feature! My tag is @samrogerss  😛

5 days ago ilena.gs

Hier wil ik zooo graag heen @evalucassen  😍😍

5 days ago evalucassen

@ilena.gs  Gaan we doen!! 🤗

5 days ago grevius11

@esteeerbcn  😱😱😱

5 days ago erinvdv01

@anleehiz  I gotta tell Jane!!

5 days ago bask_123

👍 👍 👍

5 days ago esthertetee

En tareas pendientes...en un lugar de mi corazoncito😢

5 days ago teapineda

@nursedalila  yes!

5 days ago ivanaminutto

The Lord of the ring!!!! Amazing place!!!! Wonderfull!!! Love @purenewzealand 

5 days ago kasseibel

@tylertta  😍😍😍😍😍

5 days ago reza.zamora.reyes

Layu ka dria? @kreestta 

5 days ago kreestta

@reza.zamora.reyes  mejo.. pero dali lang adtuan.. hehe

5 days ago rifetakajdic

@adelaldina  omg nooo.. whattttt? 😍😍

5 days ago alvess.dreamer17

This place is so magical. I wanna go back asap

5 days ago jessdawso

@jesspirini  🎄

5 days ago takeastep.de

We have been there two times. One of this with dinner. And it was amazing. Absolutely we can recommend Hobbiton.

5 days ago daniellesadowski

@mikeedcross  good things do happen!!!!

4 days ago tawfiq_naji


4 days ago rehioui_abderrahim

مشاء الله

4 days ago adelaldina

@rifetakajdic  I need to stop wasting my time with this ‘sleeping’ business, and catch up on TV. 🤓

4 days ago maribah_


4 days ago aphotok

super excited!

3 days ago ktweed_

@pushkart_champ  um what?

3 days ago pushkart_champ

@ktweed_  you didn't know?

3 days ago ktweed_

@pushkart_champ  you are my source of information for these kinds of things lol

3 days ago katecraigbrown

What I never even heard about it!!

3 days ago vivacoldplay42


3 days ago leertastehh

@riemaaann  😍😍😍😍

3 days ago arzuguzelphotography

What?! Tv series???

2 days ago luidsousa

My natural habitat

19 hours ago iam_dewyafphiany

October 2018, I will be there

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