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4 days ago j.caprico_xo7

Hello handsome @rickgonzalez  thank you for sharing this pic.

4 days ago r_savage__


4 days ago grantandcandice

great pic! you look awesome

4 days ago sabinazoo

Awesome foto

4 days ago beakehler

❤️❤️ @arikohler 

4 days ago justicelabrave

It's great seeing you on Arrow, someone who looks like my nephew and I, Wild Dog and Vibe have become household super heroes and I've never saw this growing up and I'm glad he can, you bring so much to the show. Keep that positivity going 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

4 days ago karolzinhazanotti

Love Rene 💜❤

4 days ago thaywalkerroww


4 days ago t.baby73


4 days ago lindscalves


4 days ago fferve99

@rickgonzalez  one of the best upgrades this season

4 days ago rookington

Dope my g! 💯

4 days ago sweetbutnotweak

Too cute

4 days ago aaron_phoenix1987

Totally sexy! Rene is the best on Arrow

4 days ago sergentglad29

Elle est loin l'époque de coach Carter

4 days ago ianzandbergen

No filter?!?!?!? It is black and white

4 days ago marysierra

Good peoples

4 days ago bahcamilo

😍😍 ❤

4 days ago tijuana_malik


4 days ago igwrt_

I think if alliyah were here you'd be in her music video

4 days ago sora1223

Oh my heavenly...

4 days ago ml.baseball34

You look like kyrie irvin

4 days ago vivianaconv


4 days ago stayfreshatl


4 days ago chazzoe


4 days ago stacy2lovely

Fine asss😘😘

3 days ago stephenamell7

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3 days ago donna__joe

@jwliamartinz  nosan 😍

3 days ago nina9lucky

@rickgonzalez  I AM STILL STUCK ON WILSON Illegal Tendor ❤️🔥🔥🔥🎥🔥 Nice Picture Grown Man iiish!🔥

3 days ago lateshiachilds


3 days ago nathan.westt

Fuck you’re so hot

3 days ago kehcamile

Love u ❤️

2 days ago leane_cw_cbs


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a day ago arrowverse_flash

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