This is a fox. Please think before you buy a fur. @wildlives ・・・ Her smile..😍 Video by @juniperfoxx @wildlives

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This is a fox. Please think before you buy a fur. #Repost  @wildlives  ・・・ Her smile..😍 Video by @juniperfoxx  @wildlives  #wildlives 


a day ago crypman8

These guys are so adorable,I don't know why people think they're aggressive.we have a family at our farm,and they have never harmed any of our animals.

a day ago kalyndiehl58

That is so cute

a day ago v_scavone

Omg @_benanthonyroberson  who does this look like

a day ago chels_t_

Covergirl tests on animals

a day ago _zijun_


a day ago josey_vasquez

All creatures have feelings.

a day ago _benanthonyroberson

@v_scavone  freakin our dog lol

a day ago soviet_red_boy

Gee I really didn’t know that was a fox. Thanks for pointing that out Ellen

a day ago kingloveee12


a day ago hannahbethward

@gillianward_  look at the baby though

20 hours ago pharoah_lulu

What a cute babby

20 hours ago miopuppachino

YES 🙌🙏

19 hours ago kyrstengoodrich

This is one of the happiest things I have ever seen!

18 hours ago alexandria3711lt


18 hours ago eornelas8149

Todd😭💙💙 @ybag_salenro 

16 hours ago claire_fogelstrom

So cute

14 hours ago jellisaz


13 hours ago iamxixiallen


13 hours ago nincor1978

Lyst på pels, @maikence ? 😢

13 hours ago maikence

@nincor1978  Åå🙁

13 hours ago dreb0224

OMG!!!! Loveeeeee❤️❤️❤️

12 hours ago __busra_ekim_

@ms.cxndy  gar nicht wahr 😂😂😂😂😂😂

11 hours ago chanishka.tim


10 hours ago


8 hours ago sarcasticbch


6 hours ago laurmcdermott13

@danfisherr  so cutieeee

6 hours ago rushe.paul

@amandafaherty  Nice coat you were wearing yesterday 😏😏

5 hours ago amandafaherty

@rushe.paul  FAUX!!!!

3 hours ago erica_505

That smile! ❤️❤️❤️

an hour ago leighancraine


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