@wildlives ・・・ OMG ❤cute friends 🐓🐶 Video via @animalvideosco @wildlives

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#Repost  @wildlives  ・・・ OMG ❤cute friends 🐓🐶 Video via @animalvideosco  #wildlives  @wildlives 


a day ago kate_noemia


a day ago barbcastledine

So cute

a day ago girl_crushx

So frkn cute lol ❤️❤️❤️

a day ago vevivolo

@pakl13  😍oooh

a day ago smallen39

So different...yet so loving towards one another......MESSAGE!!!😉

a day ago lizreed

That was a dominance move by the duck on the head of the puppy. Puppy looks submissive.

a day ago pat.crawford.90475

It feels so good cute

a day ago kalyndiehl58


a day ago _bethie_boo

I love your posts Ellen! Always heart warming!❤️ this made my heart smile 🐶🦆hugs and love

a day ago baileylaugustine

@brie.buquett  see ducks can actually be nice 😂

a day ago brie.buquett

@gavingranier  we need to find a place with ducks like these

a day ago micheleyetmo


a day ago micheleyetmo

Trop mignon

a day ago nyc_the_new_york_city

Duck-u like it🐔 dog-thats best massage in the world bruh! 🐶🐾🍸🏖️

a day ago gavingranier

I like our ducks doe @brie.buquett 

a day ago maphindim


a day ago to.feel.awake.again_ummturkey

Is the duck eating bugs off of the dog or is that just me

21 hours ago pajusouza

@danimaldonadodo  se ele ver um pato aí q ele morre! Kkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkk

19 hours ago angelcribb

Omg too precious

18 hours ago beagleslocos

So 😍cute

16 hours ago wildadventuregirls

Aw! ❤❤

16 hours ago 666fonzie


14 hours ago elladeschutter


13 hours ago iamxixiallen


8 hours ago shataira_rose

@toxic__meadow  it's Kiba!

8 hours ago thesecretspasalon

Omg... too stinking cute!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

8 hours ago toxic__meadow

@shataira_rose  look just like him!

5 hours ago machinegunnmegan

@preston_weddle25  This. Is. Me. Every time you move even the slightest bit 😬😍

4 hours ago sherees_jeans


43 minutes ago happycampermrsweller

@sherees_jeans  😢😭😫

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