What are these? Oh, just some of @pharrell’s shoes for @adidas that my friend @pharrell sent me.

Ellen - @theellenshow Instagram Profile by theellenshow 7 days ago
What are these? Oh, just some of @pharrell’s shoes for @adidas that my friend @pharrell sent me.

What are these? Oh, just some of @pharrell ’s shoes for @adidas  that my friend @pharrell  sent me.


3 days ago lastnamechavez

Must be nice

3 days ago deroseeng


3 days ago deroseeng


3 days ago tsrush13

I'm good...

3 days ago daughtry17

@theellenshow  stuntin 🔥

3 days ago momma0202

Omg what a Christmas it would be for my daughter #lovesanythingadidas  #poorcollegestudent 

3 days ago george_bardis

@johnelliott_  cobas??

3 days ago ckm1021

Those are everything. 🙌🏻 so jealous

3 days ago brinamarz1

Nice I need those!

3 days ago ckm1021

Ok well just looked and they are $500 and impossible to get. No wonder why Ellen was so excited! Rock those E ♥️

3 days ago lowdog567


2 days ago loriloves2416

Am I the only one not liking these? I guess they must look cool in person idk

2 days ago kvass20

Um no just no. Throw them away 😂

2 days ago rmhinshanghai

I ❤️ adidas. I❤️ Ellen. adidas +Ellen = ♥️♥️♥️

2 days ago linda.declercq.52

You are very LUCKY !!! ♥️ that man. He seems so very nice.

2 days ago kevinlin1

@kvass20  lol, but they’re worth 900 dollars😂😂

2 days ago tx_cali

You need some that say breathe and dance!!!! 💖✨

2 days ago pat.crawford.90475


2 days ago unaguay


2 days ago kvass20

@kevinlin1  hmm ok sell them on eBay 😂😂

2 days ago keri.bandi

Those look like socks

2 days ago marquez725

Nice !!

2 days ago vzhenxu


2 days ago whtdabtch

Everything's startin' with Ellen @TheEllenShow 

2 days ago carsonconnolly

Ellen a hypebeast? Who knew

2 days ago mjrabus

Omg, my son and I were trying to get those online - but it was impossible

2 days ago maria_milliner

Ya cute lil name dropper ,you

2 days ago rita.peng26

Ohoo wooo....what a friend!!! Wish to buy a pair for my Husband!

a day ago ca.lv


a day ago annekanyi


a day ago neriyakfir


9 hours ago erfan___azd

Im still listening to the song of him (Get Lucky-Daft punk-Random Access Memories) i cant stop listening men

6 hours ago victoriaa_laurenn

Link in my bio ❤️❤️❤️

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