This performance by @EseraTuaolo was a slam dunk. (Touchdown. I should’ve gone with touchdown.)

Ellen - @theellenshow Instagram Profile by theellenshow 7 days ago

This performance by @EseraTuaolo  was a slam dunk. (Touchdown. I should’ve gone with touchdown.) #TheVoice 


4 days ago vilmarie.alvarado.1238


4 days ago guido11550

I saw him in a bar in Hawaii celebrating because he just got drafted to the Packers.

4 days ago princess_buje


4 days ago philaroonie07

He is so awesome I love the way he sings

4 days ago crawbaby12

Marry Me!! <3

4 days ago phillyg1407


4 days ago blondie2330


4 days ago ocean.britney

He looks like Maui kinda

4 days ago ocean.britney


4 days ago donica_littrell


4 days ago tharana.d

He slayed it

4 days ago monicalobo65


3 days ago loriwebstersegner

He still has a way to go, he sings pitchy, and off key, but he's a nice guy.

3 days ago felicia_inked


3 days ago kathymarrcro

Love him, love his story. #humanity 

3 days ago three_sisters_333

Issa no for me

3 days ago pepperblue

Love Esra. Tusi, his sister, used to be my hair stylist when he played with the Vikings. Amazing family.

3 days ago debmas5283

@theellenshow  I just LOVE him. Big guy, big heart, & equally as big voice! Xoxoxo

3 days ago meyers.jill

Love love love him!!!! Much respect for all he’s done!!

3 days ago dean_rhymes

Love it

3 days ago zay_kid_21

Anyone can sing

3 days ago _gabby.nicole_14

I love him! He was soooooo good

3 days ago rajavalentino

Wauu i like it

3 days ago cindyocon

I thought this was my brother @schoiselat88 

3 days ago kristinp7888

Love him !!!!

3 days ago reisenbeisz

Closest thing I️’ve heard to Luther. He’s amazing 🎤

3 days ago des3471

He is good 👏👏👏

3 days ago greekfreak81

I love him, but he's not that great. He's off key a lot.

3 days ago lowdog567

Nice voice 😀😀😀

2 days ago dotsy3willow

I want to hear more of this dude sing.

2 days ago raymoac05_stu

wow hes off key

2 days ago _beccar._0

It's a no for me, sorry

2 days ago kawaiimisscutie

@_beccar._0  Lol the next simon cowell

2 days ago aubreyyfaithh

Why does he look like Iggy from the Bachelorette

a day ago woodaledo


a day ago addison_england

He is the bomb!

19 hours ago beepjgjf

He looks like the that off of Mona (but with short hair of corse😱😊)

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