Tomorrow my new perfume launches on

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Tomorrow my new perfume launches on #CrystalGardeniaCitrus #garednia #pinkjasmine #orangeoil #purplepassionfruit #rose

Tomorrow my new perfume launches on #CrystalGardeniaCitrus  #garednia  #pinkjasmine  #orangeoil  #purplepassionfruit  #rose 


a day ago svenjalinnartz

Bist duuuuu geil ja uff😍

a day ago lucavanessa_


a day ago tehila_434

איך נזמין בושם בלי להריח אותו קימי

a day ago leaevamaria

So Beautiful❣❤❤❤❤

19 hours ago cjkov

I want to try it 😍 @02_ys 

19 hours ago buenaslely


16 hours ago tylasav

@whitney_wharry  look @ this😍

15 hours ago cassiebarclay26

@aw0rk1npr0gress  I know they’re so gorgeous 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

15 hours ago cassiebarclay26

So in love 😭😭😭😭😭

14 hours ago thulasiqubetu

Hi Kim k.. Do u have the fragrance in south Africa east London stores?

14 hours ago culturalempire


12 hours ago julie4hg

Is it affordable to normal people?

10 hours ago anindtputr

9 hours ago dis__out


6 hours ago chandlerwarrendesigns

Love how they look like a crystal or a quartz 👏👏😍

4 hours ago hanxna_

@melina_3.8  hättest du es auch gerne?

4 hours ago __ghadaaaaa

@fionalraii  hope it avtually smells good

4 hours ago cavalieri_closet

Amei lindo

4 hours ago melina_3.8

@hanxna_  Ka wenn es gut riecht wieso nicht 😉willst du es etwa ?

4 hours ago hanxna_

Die Verpackung ist schon geil 😂😂😍😍 hätte es gerne 😂 aber keine Ausbildung kein Geld @melina_3.8  😂

4 hours ago melina_3.8

@hanxna_  ach hanna du arme😂

4 hours ago landonbrooks

My mom has stage 3 cancer you are one of her biggest inspirations. It would make her day if you would say hello

3 hours ago stef.west

The packaging thoooo 😍😍😍😍😍

3 hours ago amy_c.b

@_irina_pavlov_  finally received it. First spray is exactly like a gardenia. One spray on my chest lasted all day. As it absorbs into skin, it becomes a softer scent. Once in a while I'd detect another fragrance. But mostly all flower. 👍🏻

3 hours ago melissa_badaracco

I need it!!!!!

2 hours ago viktoria_myhero


2 hours ago viktoria_myhero


an hour ago moreguccibra


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