Me? Dramatic? ...Never

Me? Dramatic? ...Never

Me? Dramatic? ...Never


7 days ago ___kristin

@jimmergram  🤷🏻‍♀️ oh stop, you love it

7 days ago barbihayden

This is me when I want attention

7 days ago _briannakate


7 days ago mrsannawharry

Love this! 😍

7 days ago comicbookjockey

Me when I have to go to work

7 days ago j_rodriguez818

When are you gonna come train with us !

7 days ago chelseaagreen

@j_rodriguez818  soon!!!!!

7 days ago instaaron2323

She might be the only one left

7 days ago dx_28734

@zryder85  Yes

7 days ago jauckor


7 days ago paigeyes


7 days ago p_rhams

I was hoping for upskirt!

7 days ago luismromero_

adopt me

7 days ago graham_j_williams

I like that it's hard to tell if you were walking down the ramp and slipped, or stumbling up the ramp backwards and fell 😀

7 days ago the_blacksh33p


7 days ago darya_rashid_11


7 days ago huzaida_hamid


7 days ago success_sleep


7 days ago theonlyrobjohnson

Can someone can the whole jilted psycho bride gimmick? She's too hot to have lipstick and mascara smeared all over her face... we have Rosemary for that!

7 days ago james_summey

She and Rosemary, should partner up and be a tag team. Do they still have the knockout tag titles?

7 days ago boxbunny

Wait, impact is still alive?

7 days ago brian_lasher

@chelseaagreen  you need to be in the WWE

7 days ago shawnpiette

Sucks that your wearing shoes. Your character would be great in wwe

7 days ago nikimsavo

Me, when I find out I have to go to work early in the morning. 😂

7 days ago chelseaagreen

@nikimsavo  @barbihayden  me when GNC runs out of protein popcorn

7 days ago barbihayden

@chelseaagreen  @nikimsavo  me this morning when I found out my @starbucks  ran out of almond milk....again😒

7 days ago nikimsavo

@chelseaagreen  @barbihayden  Me when that Netflix show runs out of seasons

7 days ago barbihayden

@nikimsavo  @chelseaagreen  you dug deep in the feels Niki.... shame on you

6 days ago chelseaagreen

@barbihayden  @nikimsavo  me leaving the gym on leg day 😂

6 days ago mariomotus

Nice Shot!

6 days ago romo_316

Hey love you TNA wrestling good luck

6 days ago dilrad21

@james_summey  nope

6 days ago born_gully

After leg day.

6 days ago _.prabjot

@zryder85  Stop with the legs. Just cause you don't have it

6 days ago amelio_56

Dramatic but Hot!! ❤️

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