See your perspective, create your perspective

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See your perspective,  create your perspective

See your perspective, create your perspective


5 days ago ___xooverdose____

@chrisbrownofficial  I love your art it’s dope af bro I would totally let u tag up my room 🔥🔥

5 days ago devynhilll

@_shannoncraig_  this is why I love him. He even paints anime.

5 days ago nytechconfidential_


5 days ago cotecasmu

Dime algo en español 😆

5 days ago itzzfk

Chris u missing something

5 days ago jadababy.215


4 days ago mariealexandre2893

Good morning Chris

4 days ago nraa224

رووووووووووعه هاي الصره هاي فن محترف

4 days ago rawshawnathehands

Aww you finally painting me. Im thicker and I have a fro now so quit

4 days ago rawshawnathehands

So quit acting like you don't see me and paint me over darker and thick in tge right places jk, but really you can paint me.

4 days ago shantal_bumm

eres el mejor chris😍😍😍 ...

4 days ago _chillannn

I still haven't found undress😭💔😭why is that??

4 days ago denizeemidio


4 days ago teambreezy93


4 days ago fine_curlyhead

Very artistic and I would love to do something like that one day

4 days ago freddykruga

4 days ago freddykruga

4 days ago bright_fame_787


4 days ago liyah_babehgirl12


4 days ago selinang_13


4 days ago goodvibes937

😍😍😍 this is gorgeous

3 days ago popenice933

Picture rite on time

3 days ago irise_7


3 days ago grampink7

Pink tho... Beautiful color..! @chrisbrownofficial 

3 days ago nizzy_brownie

👨🏽‍🎨 dope artist

3 days ago poornoah


2 days ago vk_music_

The boss himself

2 days ago queenofblackpyramid


2 days ago gracegrace1904

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2 days ago aveforeign


a day ago matoaka_sunshine

💯😥So beautiful you should paint me @chrisbrownofficial 

a day ago _nltt


a day ago _chroyalty


a day ago pyt_niyah_


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