Amazing 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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Amazing 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Amazing 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾


21 hours ago c_griff21

@zay23242  that doesnt make sense you fucking retard😂 reword your response so i can understand you

21 hours ago zay23242

@c_griff21  this must really hurt you lol you mad asf you really salty over what I said bro 😂😂😂 obviously what I said is controlling how you feel that lol

20 hours ago c_griff21

@zay23242  nah what you said is not controlling me. After i read it i just felt inclined to inform you that youre probably lacking a few thousand brain cells and that you might need to see a doctor or consult your loved ones. I know it can be hard for you living life with your intelligence constantly dragging you down but i believe in you. With the proper treatment and determination i think you may have some common sense one day🙏🏼 best of luck on this difficult journey

20 hours ago zay23242

@c_griff21  😂😂😂😂your wasting time worried about me bro keep commenting shit that’s irrelevant that has no meaning to my life or yours keep it going it’s fun to me

20 hours ago zay23242

@c_griff21  it’s funny how people like you wouldn’t have the balls to come up an say comments like this to anybody face let alone mine lol

20 hours ago ladyypee

@c_griff21  * you’re 🖕🏾.. big mad or little mad ??? 🤣😂😂

19 hours ago thearthurponte

A piece of human trash... disappointed 😔

19 hours ago iamjkorb


19 hours ago lesleylovely1


19 hours ago lesleylovely1

@ladyypee  yes indeed!✊❤

19 hours ago lesleylovely1

@fitzywitzyfta  you can say that again!.😁✊

19 hours ago cjbernya04

Um no 😑👎

15 hours ago tim_cciolo

I've been a huge fan of Kevin Hart since the beginning... but have to unfollow for this one. 👎🏼🇺🇸

15 hours ago ag_cen

@tim_cciolo  lol #nofucksgiven 

14 hours ago sebastianm008

@soul_fresh_stayfresh  You must be on dope to be that stupid.

14 hours ago jesguajardo

@sirford44  doesn’t change the fact that even that one soldier is more Deserving of this award then Colin Kaepernick

14 hours ago ripeasy

You mean to tell me, there was no other thing that a man did that was better than what this man did this year? Lol, I highly doubt it.

14 hours ago sirford44

@jesguajardo  😒 every soldier is more deserving of this award then any citizen that’s NOT a soldier. So please make a better point. So since you don’t want to get on the soldiers case for telling Colin to kneel, get off of Colin’s back for him kneeling

14 hours ago sirford44

@ripeasy  what are you talking about?? You have nooooo clue what Colin has done for communities around this country! So please don’t speak unless you know more

14 hours ago sirford44

@thearthurponte  sooo let me get this straight...a guy is speaking up for people dying, but yet he is human trash 🤔, how does that work

14 hours ago ripeasy

@sirford44  I know everything he did, lol, hints why I said I highly doubt it. Lol, I block ignorance

14 hours ago jesguajardo

@sirford44  real point, it’s just GQ. Also You haven’t made a single point in favor of why he got this soooo why don’t you get off my back for my own opinion?

14 hours ago thearthurponte

@sirford44  This useless bs player is a lovely human being right? Using socks calling police officers “pigs”, Tshirts of Fidel Castro (Killer/rapist son of a b.) and Che Guevara (other killer/rapist), kneeling? Kneeling? That’s the glorious act that gave him this cover? Chicago had more people dead last year than the Iraq war. Blacks on the us represents only 30% of the population, yet blacks are responsible for 70% of the crimes, the insane amount of the “black on black” crimes, planet parenthood designed to reduce black population, the lack of black students on the universities, little bit more than 72% of the black youth being raised by single mothers, but yes, he kneeled. To the anthem and the flag of the country who gave him a life, money, career, he fcking kneeled. That solves the problem. Let’s give him the nobel prize already.

13 hours ago sirford44

@jesguajardo  he has visited kids in hospitals, he has donated lotssss of money, he has given his time, he’s put teens who deserve I️t through college, he’s helped build homes in communities of ppl that need etc....i just really wish people would stop being lazy critics towards him and just do a little research!! His done sooo much and half of you just yelling horrible things out of ignorance. I️ can respect your opinion to feel someone can be more deserving, but that does NOT mean Colin has done nothing to not deserve it

13 hours ago thearthurponte

@sirford44  Obama dropped 30 thousand bombs on the Middle East and received a prize, Mandela was literally a bombmaker specialist and exploded several kids, women and men in order to combat the “imperialism” ak the us influence, 27 years in jail because of it, even his followers know that, this asshole received a prize too. So basically, let’s find the worst kind of people and give them an applause. Forget the other nfl player who raised 30M for the Hurricane victims, forget the enormous amount of good activists that are actually making something for the us. Let’s praise a unemployed football player. He fcking kneeled.

13 hours ago jesguajardo

@sirford44  calm down I’m not yelling. He clearly got this award because of the controversy he has caused. Thousands of other athletes have done tons of charity work, A simple Google search can list them for you. If YOU can’t tell the magazine just choose him to make a stir, Then you are accusing the wrong person being ignorant.

13 hours ago sirford44

@thearthurponte  wow, you seem extremely angry my friend! 😔. I️ hope one day you can get therapy and help you with that. But I️ won’t give someone like you a lot of my time, so i will just say this....your bring up this whole black people thing when we are talking about Colin kneeling, not planned parenthood, not who is committing crime, or which race is raising kids in a single parent household, Yet you are here expressing all your hate towards black people. So I’m not going to get into how your facts are flawed and how black people are targeted by cops (so of course black people will have a high percentage of crime). So enjoy your hateful filled life my friend

13 hours ago thearthurponte

@sirford44  “pigs in a blanket fry 'em like bacon” I think you’re just too familiarized with this bs BLM aka terrorist group just like the kkk, isis,etc

13 hours ago sirford44

@jesguajardo  I’m doubting the magazine choose him because of you reasons....I’m just saying that just because a magazine chose him because your reason does NOT MEAN Colin doesn’t deserve it!! And you keep telling me what other players has done, guess what, no matter what award is given (rather I️t be a musical award, noble piece prize etc...) there will always be someone else who does something similar to deserve the award just as much as the person who won I️t!! But guess what, SOMEONE has to win it. So this whole mess about other people and what they did, doesn’t hold much weight

12 hours ago jesguajardo

@sirford44  I, myself think he is disrespecting our flag and our country. Not only that, but I never liked him, as a person. I thought it sucked when he took Smiths place on the niners and I’m glad he is gone. I still do not watch football now because the NFL has decided to protest Trump in THIS stupid way. Thank you American. So if I want to boo him getting “citizen of the year” that’s ok too. Are you really trying to change my mind about Colin? Why?

11 hours ago jc3223

@fitzywitzyfta  negro

10 hours ago sirford44

@jesguajardo  if that’s reason for dis liking him, then by all means continue to have your opinion....I️ just don’t like ignorant opinions of a man (Colin), who is one of the greatest Americans ever! The fact that he risked everything for Americans and them being killed/losing their lives...I️ will always applaud him and his struggles to speak up for American citizens 👏🏾👏🏾

10 hours ago sirford44

@jesguajardo  and this is BEST way to protest an idiot president!! 👏🏾👏🏾 Good job NFL! If you don’t watch football because of 2 mins of kneeling, then you should never watch football again!! Go watch golf 🏌️

9 hours ago seth7755

Y’all are so clueless, no deserves this award first of all

8 hours ago jesguajardo

@sirford44  if you think disrespecting the flag, land of the free-(to do stupid protest because you live in a free country that pays you millions and millions to play a sport while service men living off pennies are dying to protect his crybaby ass freedom) because you don’t like the potus than you are not the one to call me ignorant 🤫 Not wasting my time. He will be forgot in 6 months.

7 hours ago kenza_1421


26 minutes ago darealmicah

Just like your father @c_griff21 

21 minutes ago c_griff21

@darealmicah  my dad will kick ur dads ass

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