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5 days ago bilamarius92

Hd didn't obey the law and now he is facing the consequences

5 days ago bilamarius92

So jail Meek Mill!

5 days ago your.mans.barber

I thought we was kneeling for justice, now we standing?? I'm confused.

5 days ago tameraa7


5 days ago yourboycrushes_

y he in jail tho

5 days ago michealmoon


5 days ago

Why stand why??? @chrisbrownofficial 

5 days ago debothemisfit

What meek do tho??

5 days ago isaiahbeverlysax


5 days ago tnella4

This is the dumbest protest ever people. Come on

5 days ago dejsae_worldwide_gangsquad

Free meekmill

4 days ago ityrocks

@yourboycrushes_  he violated his probation after failing drug tests and of course the atv bike arrest. People think his punishment was too harsh

4 days ago yourboycrushes_

@ityrocks  what about u?

4 days ago ityrocks

@yourboycrushes_  do I think his punishment was harsh? Yeah. I do think he should do jail time. Just not 2 to 4 years. More like 6 months to a year tops.

4 days ago teambreezy93


4 days ago dr_babe_


3 days ago aisha_c.maye


3 days ago promise_fabulous

I stand with him he's a great dude

2 days ago glamfaceminion

Seriously? Are we going to ignore ALL the other times he was arrested & given leniency? C'mon he did this to himself.

2 days ago 300zxg

@glamfaceminion  true story

2 days ago 300zxg

@kvng_konjo  lol, true story

2 days ago felicia.effiong

@rayeisadiva  real talk

2 days ago keeks10s

Give him 10 years

a day ago lord_kriss

Giv him 30 years

a day ago _chroyalty

What he do😂

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