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5 days ago shaunte_38

Sprey on babe love u much

5 days ago karengmt


5 days ago c.sizzle

Lifepath 1. Breezy believe in your new thoughts

5 days ago morganofficia

Would like you all to check out my short accapella cover of everything I do) I do it for you) by @bryanadams  & thanks to each & every one of you ✌

5 days ago cartoon_tim

Check out my walls cool cartoon and graphics and dope pics to freak out your fans ⚡🌬🌁🔥💯💯🌬💯🌬🌁🔥🌁🔥🌁🔥🌁🌬🌁💯🔥🌁🔥🌁🔥⚡🔥⚡🔥🌁🔥💯🌬💯🌬🌁🔥💯🔥💯🌬💯sure you want one done click on me right now

5 days ago didomonk

Teach me bro 🙈🙈🙈🔑

4 days ago tapiwamdadi_lol

Art 's ma ting lol

4 days ago asg594


4 days ago paparazi_design

💯💯🎨message me for your dope cool artworks... album cover... logo... flyer.. T-shirt print out.🎨🎨at good rates..dont forget to check out my wall📩📩💯?🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨🎨💯💯💯💯🎨🎨🎨🎨

4 days ago teambreezy93

The best of the best!!!!

4 days ago john_gotti_0

@chrisbrownofficial  keep it lit and get the money 💪🏾

4 days ago theyluvvjayy


4 days ago willman122

attention everybody dont miss grammy award winner and the queen of rocksoul FANTASIA @tasiasword  live on her "Christmas After Midnight Tour" which kicks off on Nov 19 in Dallas Texas at the Music Hall at Fair Park for tickets and more dates visit fantasiaofficial.com dont miss cause its gonna be epic

4 days ago athletemusic

Check out my page for Hip-Hop news & rumors😈🔥

4 days ago yakiratorres90

Ü are the best

4 days ago history_lewis


3 days ago pelingrby


3 days ago csimszizoltan


3 days ago odafe_o

Heartbreak on a full moon 💔🌕

3 days ago vk_music_


3 days ago draining_rusto


3 days ago articsnake69

You're a woman beater and a toy.

3 days ago amatullah_shabazz


2 days ago jackie.breezy

Loooooooooooooooooooooooove you

2 days ago anaissgrm


2 days ago alex.fox128

Есть реальный заработок в интернете. Могу помочь со стартом. Вся контактная информация на странице

2 days ago goddessyvonne1986


2 days ago itsapriaaaa


2 days ago divabowdown4358


a day ago gabrielsilvabr_

Em melhor estilo 🐼🎶 @larasantosz 

a day ago ryelese

Literally in tears watching your nextflix documentary! stay strong and keep making hits! You are the perfect example of not letting your circumstances be your down fall keep climbing high and being great Ik you get a lot of comments and have millions of fans but I hope you see this🤞🏾❤️

a day ago saucyybetzz_

😍😍😍😍i missed u bruh

a day ago jana_1999_uvg

a day ago kyandraj

I love you Chris!!!

a day ago maarriiaa.v

Beautiful 💗

an hour ago virago215

I’m writing a rap about my husband 😍❤️

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