2 days ago valda118

Love the cav"s

2 days ago stas_khaniukov

О шавуха

2 days ago juliejaworowski

Ellen you should sell dog sweaters

2 days ago salvadorsanchezmiriam

Que mono o o o o jajaja

2 days ago joseramirez6319


2 days ago danabaglivo

@living_it_up17  omg 😍😍😍😍

2 days ago evelyngwilson

So cute ❤️💙

2 days ago sarachabora

@emmabellehastings  GET IT FOR BAILEY!!!

2 days ago margaret9985

So cute 😍😍

2 days ago konniirwin

Marie Costello

a day ago sbeags

Just think happy thoughts.... like these guys @gina_geenie 

a day ago gina_geenie

@sbeags  😂

a day ago gina_geenie

@sbeags  ps can we get a puppy?

a day ago gina_geenie

/ puppies

a day ago sbeags

We probably need to check with @kellyymooney_  given her opinions on our parenting skills @gina_geenie  😂

a day ago gina_geenie

@sbeags  and @whoissashagav  who will be part of the parenting circle

a day ago kellyymooney_

@sbeags  I would approve of an animal but that's where the line gets drawn

a day ago sbeags

I lub them ❤️ ❤️

a day ago sbeags

But just think @kellyymooney_  , I'd be home every Friday night to keep them company 😂

a day ago mp_hemanth


a day ago sandouchi

@steph.sca  ❤️❤️

a day ago steph.sca

@sandouchi  so cute 😍😍😍

a day ago maxbennet4331

They are so cute

a day ago catarinadesacerq

Il sont trop mignon

a day ago mave.ra


a day ago biao_biao

@jchhorng  oh my lol

a day ago victoriaolivares.11


a day ago hall8647


a day ago rachelamcculloch

@koodles246  cuties x

a day ago koodles246

Sure are! 😍

11 hours ago socksfancom


2 hours ago yfranco1

You&Me @kika716 

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