Let's go Philadelphia....

Kevin Hart - @kevinhart4real Instagram Profile by kevinhart4real 10 days ago
Let's go Philadelphia.... #FreeMeekMill

Let's go Philadelphia.... #FreeMeekMill 


6 days ago isaiahbeverlysax


6 days ago dollyjeanjacques

I black

5 days ago shiannegraceeee_

Free him 💖💖🙏🏽🙏🏽

5 days ago isaiahthestoner

@kevinhart4real  going to Philly this weekend but not Monday or I'd be there showing my support. A great rapper and a good dude. Hope you help get him out

5 days ago wintersoldier627

Don't break the law you don't have to experience the consequences

5 days ago 3xeler0


5 days ago aticus485

@kevinhart4real  really bro? He failed himself and violated his probation. Why and the hell would you stand up for this fool? It’s obvious you’re only doing it because he’s black. Setting a Bad example for your fans and kids man. Can’t support this kinda shit

5 days ago patriceannmurray

It’s never a money issue, it’s always a heart issue. It’s never a black and white issue, it’s always a heart issue. It’s never a gun, knife, truck, chemical warfare, concentration camp, suicide bomber issue, it’s always a heart issue. If we don’t start focusing on the real root - evil in the human heart - we will continue the Great Divide. Cain murdered his brother Abel by attacking him - why? He was jealous he did the right thing!!! Evil entered with freewill, love had to have choice. Focus on the heart and we will get somewhere. Better yet, focus on the One who created the heart, and we will solve it! 💛💛💛🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

5 days ago cody72191

@kevinhart4real  man you out of Line. Rather he's your homie or not he broke the law and just because he's "famous" don't make him immune he should face his punishment like a man. And stop making other grown ass men waste their time crying about it. It's not like it's hard to follow the law

5 days ago ericsilva905

Now a days when someone goes to prison we are taught the law has failed us?

5 days ago blickman12

But Kev - it shouldn’t take a famous person for this to happen. Meek has got the money to fight something like this. The regular joe doesn’t. Makes me sad we rally around celebs but not around regular folks.

5 days ago makki_rabih

@isaiahthestoner  if you went to jail meek mill and Kevin hart wouldn't give two shits about you bruh

5 days ago buck90_

@kevinhart4real  how did it fail him? Tell him to stop being a dumbass and violating probation.

5 days ago alucynda

Why are we rallying for someone who knowingly broke the law?????

5 days ago huntercindy69


4 days ago felixmatongoh

Man I appreciate all this effort . But may be it’s time for him to learn . You can’t be a child forever and so dumb shit. May be it’s time we as black people start to see what the justice system is it was meant to hurt us but we blindly walk into . We freakin to start pay attention and do what we gotta do. The time we spending in jails and prisons should be time we do something positive. I.e be role models to our young brothers and sisters that this justice system is hungry for .

4 days ago cpl7786

Why don’t people rally for something that actually matters?

4 days ago dugee77

maybe he needs help its ten years and he still camt get clean really

4 days ago trapdaddyflex

Check the link in bio

4 days ago saucy_jp

Still haven’t explained his charges or crime or why he is innocent

4 days ago grnbabe4lyfe

Why tho? 😕

4 days ago jonahfurnari57

Let’s help him glow up

4 days ago awwwshitnfinity

When will we start helping the WRONGLY accused? Seems we always defend the ones who ARE fucking up. And this is coming from a black man WRONGFULLY charged and on felony probation

4 days ago christkideronms

Because he is black, go to hell

4 days ago kerrycamarato

Really!!!! You must be joking.

3 days ago rafictaino

Come on man! U r a smart man n if u violate parole they will lock u up! No justification, have to max out his remaining sentence.if u r dumb enough to do the crime do the fk time! Stop Crying.@kevinhart4real  u have $$get him a good lawyer n stop the BS😤🥊

3 days ago rafictaino

Stop putting energy on this cus it won’t get u no where, ur pushing a way ur fans with this nonsense

3 days ago 1mzhopkins

@nicholgw  why did this just pop up on my IG timeline?! Nigga, if it was up to IG I️ done missed the Rally cause it was 6 days ago. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

3 days ago tyronelincoln

Free mi niggah mill

3 days ago hassainaleena

@rafictaino  nahh his not pushing me away ,,no way

3 days ago elchalan01

Kevin hart is acting a fool. Meek needs to stay locked up and learn his lesson. Besides. Every time something bad happens in this country it’s usually because of motherfuckers like him who get checked in and out of prison. Has nothing to do with color or race. He is just a talented artist in his own way but a criminal by heart!

3 days ago nicholgw

@1mzhopkins  😂😂 yes I hate the timeline newsfeeds. All out of order. Just like FB.

3 days ago tiarochell

@brando3536  Meek was around 19 when he was convicted on charges relating to drug and gun possession, and he served an eight-month sentence. Now he’s 30, so he has been on probation for basically his entire adult life. In March, he was arrested after an altercation in a St. Louis airport. After video of what had actually happened was released, all charges were dropped. In August, he was arrested for popping a wheelie on a motorcycle on his video set in New York. Being on probation that long for a childhood offense isn't giving him a second chance. For a random misstep is bringing consequences greater than the crime!!! Now do you understand? It has nothing to do with his celebrity status, but everything to do with the un just system

3 days ago brian_r_austin

@tiarochell  serious screw up get serious repercussions, maybe if he could act right for awhile, (years) maybe they would try and get him off the hook, and 19 is not a child he's a legal adult at the age of 19. Shoot I was on probation for awhile when I was younger, just stay on the straight path is all you can do. It's also not a random misstep when you dealing with guns or drugs let alone both,it was a choice.

3 days ago tiarochell

@brian_r_austin  oh no! The random misstep I'm speaking of is a wheelie on a NY street and altercation at an airport. Because of probation the sentence is way harsh for such crimes!

2 days ago drr1957

What's this about man. I know government needs to take a very good look at the way the criminal justice operates and make some major changes.

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