As a man and as a father who would do anything to protect my babies and make them happy, these moments I share with other fathers are so powerful. Over the yea...

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As a man and as a father who would do anything to protect my babies and make them happy, these moments I share with other fathers are so powerful. Over the years when I meet kids who are “going thru the struggle” with battling forms of cancer or disease it often gets emotional when I meet them. But when I meet their parents, it’s a whole other level of emotion and gratitude. Every single time. This is a very strong man here who’s occupation requires a tough and steady “hold the line” demeanor (Daniel is a crisis negotiator), but brought to tears when it comes to how satisfying it is to simply make his daughter, Emily happy, who can be seen in the background breaking down when she sees her dad start to cry. Meetings like this get emotional, but man they’re beautiful. And to me, this’ll always be the best part of fame. Thank you Daniel for your kind words. We’ll keep doin’ it together. All of our babies deserve to be happy and smile. #MakeAWishDay  #PapaBears 


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You are the best Rock!!!

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I think if you put as much effort in becoming president as you do in your workouts, you would make an AWESOME prez. You are compassionate, a steadfast leader, passionate in everything you do and just an all around guy that America needs right now. Plus, you support our service men and women. We need someone like you right now. Give it a little more thought. Obama knew what he was getting into but, so could you if you learn. @therock 

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Rock you're the best!!!!💕

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Your not just an action actor,...your also a lover to people

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iron man

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God bless you!!!!

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How i wish you @therock  could be here to give some motivating words to my dad who was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma-blood cancer at the age of 75... everyday me and my siblings pray for a miracle that he will pull through but its been so difficult for him and our family seeing him suffering 😢you truly inspire so many people around the world..

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We need a leader more than a "President". The Rock could make a lot of changes in four years.

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my heart:'))❤️❤️

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I love u rockkkkk

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Keep on doing it... 💚

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I inspire people you you help people u are strong and loving

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You are a great person and a great role model keep up the amazing work we need more people like you

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Much love😍, Lots of respect Sir Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

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youre an amazing role model

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Made me cry too

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The best celebrity I've seen until now. Whenever it's time for my Instagram it's like time to go to the rock's page to see how many hearts has he comforted by sharing their pain and getting to know what's it like to be a father or a mother who has a child who is different from the other children.I wish that every single human on this God's Green Earth has the same thinking and the feelings for the children like you! Thank You. And don't stop. ❤️ @therock 

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Ure amazing❤️ @therock 

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Proud of you man keep it up love you Rock @therock 

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You are great man love you so much

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thank you

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love it

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Your a maaaaaaan😢😢😢😢

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Hello it thank you!💪👍😅

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Rock I don't know how to thank you you are such a wonderful person God bless

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Wow what a good man you are to help all those you can, more should take and put forth the examples you set God Bless you “Rock” you’re truly a genuine person and that’s a rare commodity anymore ❤️

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That's my Big Boss...Love you so much Big Boss.Allah bless you☺☺☺☺☺☺

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Like this guy.

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