EMA’s 💙

Demi Lovato - @ddlovato Instagram Profile by ddlovato 9 days ago
EMA’s 💙

EMA’s 💙


2 days ago _lymoons


2 days ago lemon.up.here

Aren't you feelin cold beauty?? 😀🌨🌨🌫🌫🌬🌬

2 days ago ddlovatoo_tr


2 days ago amiliia_ami

R u tryin to be kim ??

2 days ago ginevrabonura


2 days ago its_sabasmiler


2 days ago gaintbunny101

Love your new song sorry not sorry

2 days ago valwillson

вижу лану ставлю лайк а у тебя костюмчик как у моего дяди на сороколетие, красотка ты ничего не скажешь!

2 days ago dcbaabi


2 days ago bing_pupaluva155

You forgot the pic that became a meme thougj

2 days ago filipin4s_nuteloszo

Please, make a music togheter♥

2 days ago cassie_biz

Put a shirt on

2 days ago cassie_biz

@selynda.p  ikr

2 days ago vvvictoriaex

Lana 😍

2 days ago reginaa.d

Everything 😍😍😍😍

2 days ago lindsmungs

@averylanierr  never seen more of a kim k wanna be in ma life

2 days ago che.wei.qin.che_

I'm bam.bam

2 days ago meriilicious

You are absolutly stunning and outfit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

2 days ago armelsanchez

@mskaey  this is the pic you look like her

2 days ago _ajubikete

👀 damn

2 days ago mxndyx

Wow dies ja mal schön @goldenxme 

2 days ago itsallaboutbettie

So beautiful

a day ago rojasmigrey


a day ago bbgrlst

this look is incredible

a day ago viviaanlacerda

@picoliss  um olho na criança e outro na esperança

21 hours ago dbk_nomercy


20 hours ago o_omolly

Demi moore???

19 hours ago mylyfe2

You look exactly like Demi Moore! 👀 #doubletake  I love your transformation over the years 🙌🏾😍

10 hours ago arya.jagad


8 hours ago alebui35

@laleja.ale  jajajajajaja algo asi

8 hours ago laleja.ale

@alebui35  Jajajajaja saldria mas barato porque podrias prescindir del blazer jajajajaja. Pero hablando en serio, el estilo esta lindo.

8 hours ago alebui35

@laleja.ale  JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ shi

7 hours ago meeeeekuh

I just watched simply complicated and you should be nothing but immensely proud of yourself...I could cry. I have been a fan since I was younger but I am now reflecting on the fight of life and I just love you...please be proud and never stop pushing.

an hour ago moreguccibra


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