Rehearsal vibezzz... Dubai here we come!! New song ❤️💃🏼🕺🏼 @dubaiairports

Jennifer Lopez - @jlo Instagram Profile by jlo 6 days ago

Rehearsal vibezzz... Dubai here we come!! New song #AMORAMORAMOR  ❤️💃🏼🕺🏼 @dubaiairports  #MustbeDXB 


6 hours ago emjsteph

Us during Zumba @addie_grissett 

6 hours ago truthjewelry

Get it Lo!

6 hours ago e_gould555

@morrrganleigh  I would've been going Soo hard

6 hours ago behrooz02


6 hours ago stephanierego

I ❤️ u

6 hours ago romina_alessi

@breannadesantis  I love her

6 hours ago matiluca

Amazing!!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Jlo is everything 😍

6 hours ago victoriav1777

Funny..Please stop

6 hours ago marykathrynjoy

@kathleenreganmusic  @brigettatruitt  happy Friday guys! 💥🍟

5 hours ago sil_estilista


4 hours ago melboisv

Hopefully this is fake fur!! 💖

4 hours ago izzyburdett

@rkhan13  we need to learn this routine!!

4 hours ago delean4154

Jlo please set an example and stop wearing fur!

4 hours ago rkhan13

@izzyburdett  girl let's go to salsa nighttt show off our dance moves

4 hours ago hot_sy


3 hours ago christine_deska

So much fun!!!

3 hours ago ashley_networks

I would loveeee to meet @jlo  one day!!!! 😩♥️

3 hours ago livamuro

So awesome!!

3 hours ago livamuro

Her dancing is a million times better than the group.. her hip hop style is so on point.

2 hours ago jenna.frances89

So cool!!! @allday.smit 

2 hours ago liztsaitsai


2 hours ago suheart

So NY! ❤️🗽

2 hours ago karinenahle

@fatenyassine1  it's never too late🙄😂

2 hours ago asilhanmurat

🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒 керемет. Актаудан

2 hours ago sheriylanne_josyel

Nice dance

an hour ago stylezbyjsp

@jlo  is smooth with her choreography

an hour ago vanloi66


an hour ago adannaduru

ugh queen

an hour ago misafication

Cutest ever

an hour ago


an hour ago emiloufur


an hour ago emiloufur


an hour ago emiloufur

Love watching the fur swaying as you dance!

5 minutes ago pamelamariegarza

What kind of boots is she wearing!? I can't find them in the timberlands website 😭 help a sister out!

4 minutes ago al_pu

Дженнифер, вы невероятная потрясающая!)))

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