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a day ago oficial_antoniocascella

Dont toch your feace..! Men..... I Dream tha you turn Like Versace.

a day ago oficial_antoniocascella

Dont toch your feace... @oficial_antoniocascella  @tony 

a day ago alaysiaisyala

Fave pic ever

a day ago majaelisetokle

You are incredibly beautiful 🎀

a day ago bergtaina

Fur btch

a day ago bergtaina


a day ago basketcase996

Check out my page xo 💖

a day ago jovetta2462

Looking beautiful ❤️

a day ago nicolesiliacks

Mega schön❤️❤️❤️❤️

20 hours ago fizzy_lizz

I wish all #kardashians  stoped wearing #fur  I just don't understand. Why the need like why? THERE are so many fur free luxury styles out there

18 hours ago tacibarros24


13 hours ago bashura63

Love the fur

11 hours ago janella_villarin


9 hours ago nadia_nabli

beautiful look <3

8 hours ago majoykhaily

@kimkardashian  simplemente hermosa

8 hours ago fahadalturkey


7 hours ago nelmchael

Taylor swift

6 hours ago chandlerwarrendesigns

Loveeeee you in Fur 😍

5 hours ago rebeccaleefj

Fur doesn’t make you look any cooler, or any richer. Imagine it’s your skin being peeled off.

5 hours ago sb_sparkles

Beautiful 😍😍 especially bc of all the things you've been doing for women 🙌🏾🙏🏾👌🏾

4 hours ago jornalistathata

Love you brunete

4 hours ago philippachristofi


3 hours ago frizchow

Stop wearing fur 😡😡

3 hours ago emajankunaite

What filter is she using

2 hours ago cinnamoncocaine_


an hour ago moreguccibra


an hour ago majaelisetokle

You are so beautiful 💐

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