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16 hours ago bennsadilla

Lady gaga is the queen of high heels

16 hours ago christinekarlstrom

Nice👌 you look a bit like Brittany Murphy❤️

16 hours ago euweslleyalves

Amazing 😍😍😍

16 hours ago jesus2edwin

my lord😪

15 hours ago realbahar_


14 hours ago sarahn87_

Yass Gaga u crazy queen 👑 xxx

14 hours ago unicorn_best_for_life


13 hours ago yvonneadams2000

Love those heels

12 hours ago luna.rivas_

Only gaga can walk in heels like these

11 hours ago https.hoemoe

The gays are losing their mindsss 🙈🙈

11 hours ago hanaa_c13

Good imagination wow

11 hours ago cbbudz

Effin amazing 😘😍😘😍

10 hours ago myersglenroy

Damn right

10 hours ago jinejade


9 hours ago tmr_badbitch


9 hours ago claudia_coulombe


9 hours ago ow_lau

The weapon is so big to use it

8 hours ago favnavy


8 hours ago werton_bs

Gaga come to play

8 hours ago werton_bs

Hell yah

8 hours ago roxanne4732

Hell yeah now that's the Lady Gaga I know

7 hours ago fellives

Tei Shi, Basically music video. Uh, Gaga....

7 hours ago aslorccqi


7 hours ago toadriver24

No wonder you’re in pain with these bad boys

7 hours ago aperry914

@darling_nora  these

6 hours ago lindsay3488crazylinz

I would love to be your travel photographer. I could get my portfolio going and meet others. I am a big fan of u. I would never ask for anyone's autograph. I just want to be a photographer for singers and travel world.

6 hours ago berstayy


4 hours ago txnvi

Old gaga is back

4 hours ago ahnap_


3 hours ago clymars

Gaga we love u so in jakarta to visit...come pleaseee😘

an hour ago nathalia_ang_

Waw is tall

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