Get into it

Zendaya - @zendaya Instagram Profile by zendaya 11 days ago

Get into it


4 days ago harshdkj

And you still look great :)

4 days ago xxmariana.ot

Your eyebrows are perfect

4 days ago abb6054

You go girl

4 days ago logic334

when Daya’s eyes are suddenly green and you’re here for it 😍

4 days ago parvejrahmansagor


4 days ago sharaya_lynice

@foreverflawlyss  samee . And yes I'm so in love with her and her brows @zendaya 

3 days ago erinsmorgan6


3 days ago taniya_girllove

Honey your eyebrows are so beautiful 😍I wish I had your eyebrows

3 days ago majorlangston

Love that little eye twitch you had goin on there 😂😂

3 days ago kathysivann

everyone's here talking about her eyebrows, but look at how flawless her skin is!

3 days ago bruh_itz_nevaeh2

@majorlangston  😂😂😂

3 days ago nicoleedem

Your skin is amazing

3 days ago momo_aj12


3 days ago bonnie_ola

Doesn't look natural

3 days ago haydyn9069


3 days ago dj_taurus_the_bull

I got one :)

2 days ago sk._mehwish

Flawless ♥♥

2 days ago curlifiedmariah


2 days ago wallpaper_kuwait66


2 days ago wallpaper_kuwait66


2 days ago wallpaper_kuwait66


2 days ago wallpaper_kuwait66


2 days ago wallpaper_kuwait66


2 days ago buterasdaya


a day ago thezhane

Your eyes😍

a day ago bemorelikebree

You eye had a tiny seizure 😂

a day ago zay_the_kiddd

Those eyebrows look like they've been blown away😅

a day ago updatestoreofficial

Since when are ur eyes green?:o

a day ago kinda4643

I wanna know what is your lens??????😭😭😭😭

a day ago beccaforfriends


21 hours ago dbk_nomercy


20 hours ago trillz.1official


18 hours ago rangrang_s2s2


8 hours ago djrickeyricardo

I love it 😊

5 hours ago cat_woman_life

Lol!just wow

4 hours ago damnn.eriellee


4 hours ago fanta_samira_nice_


3 hours ago sxsx94

@emma_d._  diese eyebrows😍😍

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