Why must people make others feel small to make themselves feel big @attndotcom

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Why must people make others feel small to make themselves feel big #regram  @attndotcom 


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21 hours ago serenawilson

Honestly if you think that women being called crazy or whatever is emotionally damaging or oppressive, then you must think women are really weak because it’s legit just a word calm down.

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21 hours ago zeze9871


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These people are overexagerating ffs.

19 hours ago kaniuzeri

Cara you are a Legend!! I like your sayings😍

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No way!!!! It's the gym teacher 😂😂 @_lyshcollette_ 

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Норм ✌🏼😂✌🏼

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@notmurray  good one

18 hours ago ben._moreton

Are they though ????

18 hours ago ben._moreton

Are they realllyyy ?

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Yess Cara 💕💕

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What the fuck is this 😂 this is the most cringeworthy vid of the year

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I love you 😩❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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@solliebaluah  GOT IT?

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There are people who are melodramatic, the ones that have an actual issue (e.g. PMS), and it depends on their upbringing which results in how one deals with their temperament under various circumstances. I think many of these factors might account for this issue, as well as how much of society accepts these behaviors, and simply sums it up to be, "Just a typical womanly behavior." Although females are biologically more emotional compared to males, it shouldn't justify acting dramatic or irrational. A more proper upbringing/education could significantly resolve the issue

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@caradelevingne  you have a good soul xo 💜

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Kijk dit @demihessels 

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Legend of Legendary

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So you're agreeing you guys have mood swings?? What's the point here?

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