No amount of sleep helps

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No amount of sleep helps

No amount of sleep helps


3 days ago leeyamightes

Without you I weap though by you I am weak, like the dove I see. so pure you are to me. At least I am weak, for there I am strong , by you in you arms, the weakness is a blessing like love and its forbidden song. I strum deeply in this heart like Apollo ,I am the God of this Art. I no not where to begin or start ,for it is like a fountain that pours from my heart, you are my light my love ,without you I am blind in this dark. Make me weak again for, I hate Weeping and being so blind like an Angel without his name or divine harp . Helpless Without you, I weep and stumble threw the dark.

3 days ago leeyamightes

Come my love and I shall forever more share with you this old broken song of my weeping heart untill you know every part. Our souls will touch , I only have this voice untill I have my light my love it your choice

3 days ago leeyamightes

For my father's champions of old are given a name full of Gold. Though for my sole I am this weakness a name that is love and bold. Please cara let my fountain spill over into your ear day by day and year after year. I love you with all my heart and soul, and sleepless and Restless i to grow . Low and behold I am the other half of your soul.

3 days ago leeyamightes

You can hit me punch and beat me until i bleed though i shall stay faithful and strong for all the times you are in need,my dear cara I am a filthy boy who has been caught by the edges of your deep, only for you will i let this heart beat . I promise our souls will rest better as we fall fast asleep together.

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So true

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3 days ago alisongrills

I think most chronic fatigue illnesses are due to extreme stress that has basically fried your nervous system. So this would hold true. Now if only we knew how to fix a fractured soul.

3 days ago silvianjelina

I love it!!! 😎

2 days ago swazzi

#NapQueen ?

2 days ago ilariamurero

@e_mure  altro che anemia 😂 è l'anima!

2 days ago e_mure

@ilariamurero  sto male 😂

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Outstanding one!

2 days ago spacemakerlee90

meat help u

2 days ago dazeggs

I could serve beneath your soul.. if it helps? 😍 lol 💕

2 days ago happyendingandevery

Please be happy,sleep can make you relax

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So true

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The best on the world!! Sorry for my english I'm French!!

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@caradelevingne  💗 recent pls 💗

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Here @mariaramivi 

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@aliviolin02  me han quitado todo menos el ordenador

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@isaa_fg  por?

10 hours ago thearmored1

No lie

9 hours ago santosberserkers

Some soul rest# like meditation)

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