On the way to Indiana in @fendi thanks Uncle Karl!! 🖤🤘☠️

Lady Gaga - @ladygaga Instagram Profile by ladygaga 13 days ago
On the way to Indiana in @fendi thanks Uncle Karl!! 🖤🤘☠️ #joanneworldtour

On the way to Indiana in @fendi  thanks Uncle Karl!! 🖤🤘☠️ #joanneworldtour 


6 days ago charlesschwa

No prob😂

5 days ago blogloucasporosaoficial


5 days ago artem_parokonny

Сенсуалистка комариковна

5 days ago howardpacker

Love the Joanne album. Wish I could see Lady Gaga in Miami. I would have to sell my house for my wife and I to be able to afford the tickets. I will start saving my pennies now for the next tour. Have fun in India, wish I was there.

5 days ago black_alexman


5 days ago schneekuh

beautiful 💋

4 days ago adelinehutmacher

That coat is amazing!

4 days ago jfcorcino


4 days ago ladywilliams__


4 days ago 41.27691

ای جوون

4 days ago anna_b83


4 days ago katherinekate81

Shop @unif 

3 days ago legalvamp

I'm so jealous of these steps.

3 days ago jordanashtonsmith

@babynatzz  a bestselling chart-topping POP STAR

a day ago gmelissajohnso

I like your pics. As long as you're not ATF, I love to be followed :)

a day ago charlotterogue

@pandriiia  :ooo 😍

a day ago glaukojefferson


a day ago pandriiia

@charlotterogue  💜💜

16 hours ago gmelissajohnso

'High' there, love your pics

15 hours ago danibts_

@joaovictordapaz  @nayaradelrio  eu indo pra escola

7 hours ago miobijoux


7 hours ago albert23_62

Me gustaria viajR en avionc ontigo

2 hours ago rodolfis

My girl is a rockstar ❤️

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